C I - VERSION 10.1

The CHIANTI database has the following primary ASCII files for this ion:

  1. c_1.elvlc (energy levels)
  2. contains the energy levels (in cm-1). It includes both experimental and theoretical values of the levels energies.

     Theoretical energies:
    Wang et al., 2013, Phys, Rev. A, 87, 012704
       doi = {10.1103/PhysRevA.87.012704},
       adsurl = {http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2013PhRvA..87a2704W},
    Level-resolved energies communicated by O. Zatsarinny (2014).
    Experimental energies:
    Chang  E.~S. and Geller, M., 1998, Phys. Scr., 58, 326 
     doi = {10.1088/0031-8949/58/4/008},
     adsurl = {http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1998PhyS...58..326C}
    Produced for the CHIANTI database v.8 by G. Del Zanna 15 Mar 2015

  3. c_1.wgfa (radiative data)
  4. contains wavelengths, gf and A values of the transitions. The wavelengths are based on the experimental energy levels and should be the best available. Wavelengths calculated from the theoretical energies are of an indeterminate accuracy and their values are presented as negative values of the calculated wavelength.

    %filename:  c_1.wgfa
    A-values  for the forbidden lines within the ground configuration
    are from the CIV3 calculations of Hibbert et al. 1993,  A&ASS, 99, ,179
    The rest are from O. Zasarinny (priv. comm. 2014).
    Note that the A-values for the forbidden lines calculated by
    O. Zasarinny are in good agreement withthe CIV3. Here they are:
    1    2       6091000.      0.000e+00      7.540e-08
    1    3       2303000.      0.000e+00      2.890e-14
    1    4       9810.972      0.000e+00      1.160e-07
    2    3       3704000.      0.000e+00      4.430e-07
    2    4       9826.800      0.000e+00      7.040e-05
    2    5       4622.863      0.000e+00      2.250e-03
    3    4       9852.939      0.000e+00      2.103e-04
    3    5       4628.639      0.000e+00      1.580e-05
    4    5       8729.534      0.000e+00      4.300e-01
    Experimental energies have been taken from
    Chang & Geller (1998, Phys Scripta, 58, 326)
    Produced for the CHIANTI database v.8 by G. Del Zanna on 15 Mar 2015
    Removed a few unimportant unphysical transitions from levels
    13,25,26,39 (observed energy of the upper level lower than the energy of the lower level)
    G. Del Zanna 5 May 2016
     K. Dere  minimum branching ratio =   1.00e-05  :  2017 December 06
    %File processed with wgfa_tidy by pryoung on  6-Mar-2019
    %File processed with wgfa_tidy by pryoung on 31-May-2023

  5. c_1.scups (electron collision data)
  6. contains the effective electron collision strengths scaled according to the rules formulated by Burgess and Tully (1992).

    Produced for the CHIANTI database v.8 by G. Del Zanna 15 Mar 2015
    obtained by extrapolation. 
    The high-temperature limits for the forbidden transitions have been 
    transitions converge to the correct high-temperature limits.
    to 500 000 K. The  collision strengths of the dipole-allowed 
    by O. Zasarinny (priv. comm.,2014) over a wide temperature range, from 1000 K
    The fine-structure collision strengths have been calculated 
    Note: Wang et al. published LS collision strengths.
    gf values have been communicated by O. Zatsarinny (priv. comm.,2014)
       adsurl = {http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2013PhRvA..87a2704W},
      doi = {10.1103/PhysRevA.87.012704},
    Wang et al., 2013, Phys, Rev. A, 87, 012704
    Collision strengths:

  7. (proton collisional data) Not available in this VERSION.

  8. The html table below contains the radiative data of the brightest lines sorted in wavelength

    c_1_table.html (html table)

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