K IV - VERSION 10.0.2

The CHIANTI database has the following primary ASCII files for this ion:

  1. k_4.elvlc (energy levels)
  2. contains the energy levels (in cm-1). It includes both experimental and theoretical values of the levels energies.

    %filename: k_4.elvlc
    % RSS 2015
    % Obs Elevels: Kramida, A., Ralchenko, Yu., Reader, J., and NIST ASD Team (2015).
    % NIST Atomic Spectra Database (ver. 5.3), [Online]. Available: http://physics.nist.gov/asd
    % [2015, November 3]. National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD.
    % Theory levels; MCHF/MCDHF Collection, v2.0 http://nlte.nist.gov/MCHF/ last updated 2010
    % created by Ralph Sutherland

  3. k_4.wgfa (radiative data)
  4. contains wavelengths, gf and A values of the transitions. The wavelengths are based on the experimental energy levels and should be the best available. Wavelengths calculated from the theoretical energies are of an indeterminate accuracy and their values are presented as negative values of the calculated wavelength.

    %filename: k_4.wgfa
    % Aji : Biemont and Hansen 1989 Physica Scripta 34 116-130
    % Levels NIST ASD v5.3 2015.  Vac Wavelenghths derived from elvlc levels
    % RSS 2015
    kpd removed since avalue was zero
        3    5       2760.520      0.000e+00      0.000e+00           3s2.3p4 3P0 -            3s2.3p4 1S0
    %File processed with wgfa_tidy by pryoung on  6-Mar-2019

  5. k_4.scups (electron collision data)
  6. contains the effective electron collision strengths scaled according to the rules formulated by Burgess and Tully (1992).

    % Ralph S Sutherland 2015
    %  Galavis Mendoza & Zeippen 1995 AASS 111 347-357
    %  Collision Strenghts fit to:
    %filename: k_4.scups

  7. (proton collisional data) Not available in this VERSION.

  8. The html table below contains the radiative data of the brightest lines sorted in wavelength

    k_4_table.html (html table)

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